Calypso releases multi-asset solution

Calypso unveil platform workstation for derivatives and cash securities.   

Calypso Technology has announced the release of portfolio workstation, a new multi-asset solution for investment managers trading in both derivatives and cash securities.  

The new workstation combines Calypso’s collateral optimisation platform along with real time portfolio and risk management and was created in response to the increasing use of derivatives on the buy-side. In a recent calypso survey, 45% of 189 respondents saw an increase in FX derivatives and almost 60% of those trade daily or weekly. More significantly, around 80% of respondents believe derivatives cause them concern.

Under the new workstation, which is an extension to Calypso’s original trading and collateral optimisation platform, managers will be able to monitor their position values and risks, initiate trades and balance portfolios.   

Chairman and CEO of Calypso technology Charles Marston spoke about the new developments.

“Low yields and increased volatility have driven investment managers into sophisticated strategies that require derivatives.

“This has put a strain on their legacy front-office systems as well as their trading infrastructure, and we feel our new solution is well-positioned to help clients address both of these critical issues.”