EBS BrokerTec opts for Nasdaq’s surveillance tech

SMARTS technology to run across EBS BrokerTec’s treasuries, repo and FX markets.

EBS BrokerTec has chosen Nasdaq’s SMARTS surveillance technology for its US treasuries, FX and repo markets.

SMARTS will be integrated into the EBS and BrokerTec platforms to monitor the market order submissions and trading behaviour.

The technology uses detection algorithms to identify the entire spectrum of trading behaviours across various products. It can detect patterns in real-time and has been implemented across all asset classes.

Dan Cleaves, co-head of EBS BrokerTec Markets, explained the SMARTS technology is the “most advanced in the market and will support us in monitoring overall trading activity and ensure a healthy ecosystem for all of our customers.”

“The EBS and BrokerTec platforms are the industry standards for the markets that we operate in and as such we have an obligation to protect the integrity of the FX and fixed income markets at all times,” he added.

Lars Ottersgård, head of market technology at Nasdaq, said the exchange operator is constantly innovating our surveillance solutions to the benefit of our clients like EBS BrokerTec.”