FIX Highway eliminates transaction fees with flat monthly payment for fixed income trading

FIX Highway launches flat-rate fees for fixed income trading, reducing costs by up to 90%.

FIX Highway has announced a new flat-rate monthly fee model for trading fixed income, eliminating transaction fees for traders.

The new model is set to reduce the cost of trading by as much as 90% and provide more room for profitability, FIX Highway said.

FIX Highway is a ‘plug-and-play’ model that is independent and neutral, providing direct access to counterparty liquidity.

Through the FIX messaging protocol and connectivity between parties for messaging, there will be no need for a transaction toll – instead moving to a monthly flat fee.

FIX Highway explained users have the assurance that their information and trading is never conflicted or compromised, with the only thing in the middle of the trade is a FIX message.  

Chief executive officer of FIX Highway, Dan White, said the current mechanism to access liquidity and trade are at the expense of the investors and market participants.

He added that FIX will continue “to improve upon and to provide a platform that truly advantages the fixed income markets as they are going through an electronic revolution.”