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Abel Noser & Ancerno

Abel Noser & Ancerno

Abel Noser & Ancerno provides both pre- and post-trade analytics products and related consultative services. Specifically, Abel Noser is a re-seller of the technological products produced by Ancerno. It is provider of transaction-cost analysis products and services with a client base of over 500 global institutional clients. Trade cost analysis has been a core competency since 1985.

Asset classes and markets

Covers over 75 markets and asset classes include equity, fixed income and currency trading.

Transaction data

Data is accepted from leading order management systems, execution management systems and leading custodian banks along with in-house systems. The firm’s diagnostics can handle rudimentary data points or complex data submissions.


There are over 75 metrics on offer for comparison. These metrics include elements of strike prices and/or volume tests. Additionally, the firm offers stock level and portfolio level benchmarking along with customised qualitative peer benchmarking.

Reporting options

Reporting frequency is daily, monthly and quarterly and delivered via the web. As a supplement to the technology, built in executive summaries and customised summaries are available upon request.

Consultancy services

Consultants typically have four in-office meetings with clients to specifically discuss their results and provide commentary on the dynamic universe.

Pre-trade analysis

Trade Compass is the pretrade offering. Trade Compass is an empirical estimate of cost based upon the results of real investors faced with the same types of factors when trading.

Future plans

A real-time TCA product is expected in 2011. Additionally, clients will be provided with increased visualisation tools, customised reporting and special projects to reduce the cost of trading.