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Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Execution consulting and TCA services are a core part of the electronic offering. Working within the Execution Services group, consultants provide a valuable link between clients and the quantitative engineering team, providing both with feedback and insights on trading performance and trends. Consulting and TCA services are open to all clients trading with BofA Merrill Lynch, although primarily focused on our Execution Services clients.

Asset classes and markets

BofA Merrill Lynch covers all markets globally, with execution consultants available in each region to guide clients through bespoke performance analysis. Asset classes covered include equities and futures, with further expansion planned in 2011.

Transaction data

Services are primarily focused on current clients. BofA Merrill Lynch has the trade data required for these orders, which makes the whole process seamless for the client. For orders traded away from the firm, a CSV file is required.


A wide range of benchmarks are covered ‘out of the box’, and consultants can help clients define further bespoke benchmarks.

Reporting options

Reporting options and frequency are tailored to individual client needs. Consulting is very much a two-way process, so the depth of analysis will be driven by conversations with clients.

Consultancy services

Execution Consulting is a key part of the electronic offering at BofA Merrill Lynch. The characteristics of each client’s flow are unique, which often means that a customised algorithmic strategy offers the best solution for optimal trading. Execution consultants work alongside the quantitative engineering team to produce such bespoke solutions.

Pre-trade analysis

Pre-trade analysis can be conducted by clients on their own desktop by using the Global Execution Analysis tool or also available by speaking with sales traders on the execution desk.

Future plans

Plans for the coming year include new reports to help clients analyse their own alpha profile, a new global reporting format, new quantitative microstructure studies and new monitoring tools for consultants and sales traders.