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Barclays Capital equities offers a trading analytics platform that provides insight into every stage of the investment process, from portfolio construction to post-trade analysis.
TradeGauge is the global execution performance analysis application for equity trades. The application provides post-trade analyses that allow users to upload order data from any source, interactively review performance against a range of price benchmarks, and generate detailed execution reports at both the parent and child order level.
Portfolio WebBench Live is a web-based global execution monitoring tool that provides a window into the live performance of a trade through real-time transaction cost and execution venue analysis.
TradeGauge and Portfolio WebBench Live are browserbased web applications available through Barclays Capital Live.

Asset classes and markets

Barclays Capital’s equities trading analytics tools are available globally, in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. The tools are primarily focused on equities with additional functionality for options and futures execution analysis.

Transaction data

Multi-broker post-trade analysis tools allow customers to analyse a wide variety of transaction data formats from any data source specified by clients.


Slippage can be measured relative to a number of predefined benchmarks as well as by any custom benchmarks specified by clients.

Reporting options

Reports can be delivered in a variety of formats on demand, intra-day or at any predetermined frequency. Reports can arrive via a variety of channels.

Consultancy services

The quantitative execution advisory team provides clients consultancy around their trading strategies as well as in-depth performance analysis within the broader context of their investment objectives.

Pre-trade analysis

Standard pre-trade estimates (market impact and risk) are available globally by strategy on both the single stock and portfolio level, via the webbased Portfolio WebBench platform.

Future plans

Near-term focus is on execution venue quality and toxicity reporting, custom outlier capabilities, and performance attribution analysis.