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Goldman Sachs

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Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading offers trading and execution insights designed to help clients achieve optimal execution. Pre-, intra- and post-trade analytics play a critical role in reaching that objective. The firm’s strategists provide tailored execution consulting and reports to help clients improve trading results.

Asset classes and markets

Analytics are available for single-security and portfolio trading in global equities markets.


GSET supports all industry benchmarks and can provide related analytics before, during, or after the trade. GSET also allows for customised benchmarks for clients with unique preferences.

Reporting options

Analytics are fully integrated with Goldman Sachs’ REDIPlus trading platform and are also available via, the firm’s multi-product online research and services platform. Post-trade reports can be delivered in an automated fashion, or alternatively can be provided for custom timeframe and analytics requirements. Reports highlight key statistics on trading performance, including information on alternative liquidity capture and its impact on performance. Performance versus benchmarks can be viewed in a variety of ways: by market, asset class, individual trader and algorithmic strategy.

Consultancy services

GS offers the following services:

• Analysing TCA reports;

• Providing insight into the markets’ microstructure;

• Helping determine the most suitable strategies given clients’ trading preferences;

• Developing customtailored algorithmic strategies, and

• Back-test portfolio allocations, hedging scenarios and profitability of trading strategies.

Pre-trade analysis

The pre-trade analysis includes cost/risk estimates, “what-if” analysis on trading channel/algorithm selection and basket analysis.

Future plans

Future plans include adding more markets and products as they become available (specific to direct market access/algo channel), continuation of GS’ Street Smart and Street Color trading-focused reports, and educational seminars on high-impact market events.