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Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs

Geographies and asset classes

algorithms offered by Goldman Sachs include equity options and futures strategies.
Equity options strategies are available in the 
US, and
futures strategies are offered in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Brazil.

Trading strategies and benchmarks

firms and hedge funds are the primary users of the algos. For equity options, these
include reserve orders, delta adjusted, volatility-based and time trigger strategies.
Futures strategies include time trigger, price trigger, spread capture, benchmark,
hidden footprint and contingent orders.


Access and functionality

are designed to look identical across regions but are internally optimised per
market segment and per contract. Access for equity options algorithms and futures
algorithms is via FIX or an execution management 
system such
as Goldman Sachs’ own REDIPlus.

options algos use smart order routing technology that simultaneously sweeps the
inside of each exchange until the order is no longer marketable, and then posts
on the appropriate exchange based on market factors. Users can access all nine option
exchanges including AMEX, BATS, BOX, CBOE, ISE, Nasdaq OMX, NYSE Arca, PHLX and

Pre- and post-trade reporting

Sachs offers post-trade transaction cost analysis for futures, which depicts
performance by order, trader, and algorithmic strategy.

Future developments

is available and we may accommodate requests on a case by case 
basis. Future developments for equity options include enhancements to
the bank’s volatility limit algorithm and a more robust Greek model for the
back-end of its smart order router. In futures, the firm is currently focused
on enhancing its algorithmic suite and building cross-asset trading tools