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Macquarie program trading (PT) in Asia utilises its exchange memberships in both developed and emerging markets while partnering with local brokers in frontier markets. PT desks are located in Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo, New York, Canada, and London.


Macquarie’s PT desk strives to reduce market impact
and identify crossing opportunities and depending on the individual client’s
instructions the PT desk will interact with cash sales traders when a crossing
opportunity is identified. The electronic trading desk can interact with PT
flow, also based on individual client’s instructions.


Macquarie has developed and continues to enhance a
number of tools like pre-trade analysis, market impact models, and real-time
monitoring, dollar balancing across accounts while trading different countries,
as well as transaction cost analysis. Combined with Macquarie’s quantitative
research and special products, the firm can do a number of customised solutions
for clients.

Capital commitment

Macquarie has a dedicated portfolio solutions team, which focuses on
delivering transition management and global equity services to pension plans
and other participants. The firm’s transition managers use their
experience, market leading technology platform and tested procedures to
achieve predictable and low cost outcomes for clients. Macquarie’s transaction
cost analysis capabilities present clients with both industry standard and
custom performance metrics at all stages of the transition process


Macquarie can accommodate varying settlement
processes and as a matter of course provides one entity as counterpart (except
for ID markets).

Future plans

The PT business at Macquarie continually looks to innovate in order to provide best execution for clients.