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Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley

Service overview

Stanley Electronic Trading (MSET) provides clients with execution services via
its sale, coverage and algo development teams to help clients navigate the many
choices of execution tools and liquidity venues available to them. The firm’s
experienced professionals answer client questions about the multiple trading
strategies available based on their specific needs and help clients track and
evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies post-trade to improve their
trading experience.

Research and analytics

provides specialised reports across four broad categories: order routing and
venue/exchange, dark pool performance analysis, aggregate algorithmic
performance and market microstructure reports, which includes analysis of
trends in spreads, volatility and volume/liquidity. The firm offers internal
reports on MSET’s algorithmic performance, including order routing decisions
and internalisation, bespoke client requests and reports on topical items that
are distributed to Morgan Stanley’s broader client base.


provides access to MSA (Morgan Stanley Analytics), which gives the ability to
run pre-, intra- and post-trade analysis on their flow. This allows users to
estimate the impact cost and execution risk of their orders and compare it to
actual performance as the trades are executing.


Stanley post-trade reports and front-end allow users to view performance in
aggregate or on the single order level. The platform allows for performance
measurement versus various benchmarks and shows venue level execution data.





customisations offered by MSET vary from simple configuration changes to ground
up algorithm creation.


Client support

Stanley Electronic Trading offers 24/7
 support globally. IT support sits with the coverage group and
key issues are addressed on demand for prompt resolution of problems. The
company’s algo development team is actively involved with the electronic
trading coverage group to tackle client execution questions and issues and
provide feedback on performance and enhancements.