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NYSE Euronext — NYSE Bondmatch

NYSE Euronext — NYSE Bondmatch

NYSE Bondmatch offers trades in euro-denominated corporate, financial and covered bonds. Bonds must have a BBB- or higher investment grade and a minimum issue size of €500 million.

Bonds must be listed on a European regulated exchange and accepted in clearing by LCH.Clearnet. These parameters may change in the short- or medium-term according to market demand.


Connectivity to the platform is through NYSE
Euronext’s Universal Trading Platform that runs all the firm’s regulated
markets with market surveillance performed by NYSE Euronext in Paris.

Pre- and post-trade analytics

Pre- and post-trade analytics can be seen as the
market is on a central order book of firm market prices, all of which can be
traded giving full transparency, market depth and audit trails through the
whole trade life cycle.


NYSE Bondmatch is open to all MiFID-compliant
companies based in Europe with equal access to the central order book unlike
all request-for-quote bond trading platforms. Equal status is given to buy-side,
sell-side and broking firms. Full anonymity is ensured by central counterparty

Future plans

The First North Bond Market will expand into the
Finnish market in the near future.