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Russian Trading System Stock Exchange (RTS)

Russian Trading System Stock Exchange (RTS)

RTS supplies delayed data and RTS indices free of charge. The exchange also exclusively provides data from the Ukranian Exchange, Kazakh ETS exchange and Russian corporate actions information, which is available in both Russian and English languages. All data is available through data vendors listed on the exchange's website. RTS also offers a nondisplay licence.

Fee structure

Real-time stock, derivatives
and indices market data with
a market depth of 10 levels is
charged at US$70 per month
for professional users and
US$5 per month for nonprofessional
users. Ukrainian
Exchange data is available for
US$25 per month and
commodities data from the
Eurasian Trading System is
available for US$15 per
month. Customers are able to
enter into direct agreements
with RTS if they wish to resell
the data.


RTS does not currently
provide any analytical or
decision support tools. Data
vendors have the ability to
customise RTS-supplied data.

Delivery channels

Data can only be delivered
through official RTS-certified


RTS provides full support to
its clients.

Future plans

The exchange plans to offer
per-request pricing for its
data products.