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SunGard’s Valdi Trading Analytics (VTA) is a real-time financial analytics tool designed to bridge the gap between gross revenue and net revenue. By calculating the cost of each transaction and adding in the true expenses of conducting business, VTA is able to provide clients with an accurate view of revenue versus expense. The service is available for US listed equities and options.

VTA accepts all forms of transaction data Standard FIX drop copies and execution messages are the most common, and Valdi is able to capture manually entered trades as well as trades submitted to clearing by another member.


Valdi offers a range of industry standard
benchmarks including VWAP, arrival price, VWAP over time, closing price and

Reporting & consultancy

VTA features a real-time reporting tool.
Calculations are performed and displayed in a dashboard format, allowing end
users to view, sort and query by client and employee. A suite of end-of-day
reports allows for easy export and historic retrieval of past trade inventory.
Data is summarised on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Pre-trade analysis

Pre-trade analysis is available through VTA, on a
single order or program level. It gauges expected execution activity and market
impact. Factoring in all of the applicable data, the pre-trade component gives
a roadmap for best execution performance and management.