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Trading Screen

Trading Screen

TradingScreen TCA provides clients with a complete solution for their transaction costs analysis needs. The TradingScreen solution covers all asset classes, delivers reports both on-line and in hard copy and provides consulting support to assist clients interpret the data.

Asset classes and markets

TradingScreen TCA covers all global equities, government and corporate bonds, exchange-traded derivatives and foreign exchange transactions. All global securities markets are covered by the service enabling TradingScreen to offer diversified asset managers and pension funds a single global solution applicable across all businesses and geographies.

Transaction data

Transaction data is sent to TradingScreen in any electronically readable format by external clients. There are no format, content, scale or timing restrictions.


TradingScreen TCA offers more than 30 different benchmarks including implementation shortfall, market impact, reversion and opportunity cost measures. The service also covers latency and venue reporting in fragmented markets to facilitate compliance with MiFID and similar regulatory reporting requirements.

Reporting options

Online reports are available through a web-based application that allows for customisation by clients in analysing data. Clients can set dozens of different report filters across a range of report types appropriate for each asset class. Data is presented in both chart and tabular format.

Consultancy services

TradingScreen provides a complete analysis and consulting service to clients if required. This includes bespoke analysis of client data, written presentation of interpretation and face-toface meetings to assist clients maximise the value of the TCA data that has been generated. This service is provided by internal TradingScreen analysts but can also be offered through third-party consultants at a client’s request.

Pre-trade analysis

TradingScreen provides access to all major brokerdealers’ pre-trade cost estimation tools for those of its clients permitted to access them. In addition TradingScreen TCA includes its own proprietary pre-trade cost estimation tool for global equities based on a number of relevant factors such as size, volatility, spread characteristics.

Future plans

In 2011 TradingScreen will offer real-time, multi-broker global equity TCA for its clients. In addition it will release new versions of its fixed income, foreign exchange and futures TCA services incorporating additional market data and analytics.