ICE to launch micro MSCI index futures 

The launch of Micro MSCI USA and Europe Index Futures follows an extension of MSCI and ICE’s partnership to support their expansion into Asia Pacific.

ICE has set out plans to expand its MSCI index futures offering with the launch of micro MSCI USA and Europe index futures on its Singapore-based exchange in October. 

The proposed launch on ICE Futures Singapore builds on the existing partnership between MSCI and ICE which was recently extended to support their expansion into the Asia Pacific region.

The new contracts are denominated in US dollars and will give investors in Asia access to the US and European equities markets through a single platform.

ICE added that their micro size allows for more precise risk management and granular quality of trading.

“ICE is leveraging its strong partnership with MSCI to offer investors a way to trade global equities from Singapore, designed to meet demand within Asia for smaller sized contracts,” said Lucas Schmeddes, president of ICE Futures Singapore.

“Tailored for the Asian market, ICE Futures Singapore connects regional and international participants on its platform to unlock trading opportunities and provide access to global markets.” 

The news follows a similar launch at Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX) last month. HKEX is expanding its MSCI index offering with the first A-share derivatives product based on the MSCI China A 50 Connect index, which tracks the performance of 50 key Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks available via Stock Connect.

“MSCI is committed to providing tools, services and insights for investors, empowering them to manage their portfolios for better outcomes,” said George Harrington, global head of derivatives licensing at MSCI.