IPC and Cloud9 partner on open voice trading service

IPC and Cloud9 have combined their communications platforms to form an integrated voice trading solution.

Markets communication providers IPC and Cloud9 Technologies have teamed up to integrate their services and create an open voice trading solution.

The Cloud9 ‘C9 Trader’ voice communications and analytics platform has been combined with IPC’s ‘Unigy’ trading communications platform and ‘Connexus’ cloud ecosystem, which comprises more than 6,3000 global market participants. Clients of both firms will have the option to adopt the open voice trading and analytics platform.

“Our next-generation voice communication solution paves the way for Cloud9 and IPC to become the platform of choice for the financial and trading communities,” said Bob Santella, CEO of IPC. “By working together, we are delivering a range of voice solutions that meet all end-user needs and address the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace.”

IPC and Cloud9 added that by combining their services, clients gain access to a wider voice trading community, with transition to a cloud or hybrid environment, flexible subscription-based pricing and interoperability with third-party workflow tools.

“This agreement and the complementary nature of IPC’s and Cloud9’s businesses create significant value for the industry at large,” Gerald Starr, CEO of Cloud9, commented. “By working with IPC to deliver this transformative integrated solution, we’re enabling firms to build smarter, more profitable and compliant business relationships.”

In July last year, Cloud9 Technologies gained a $14 million investment from major financial institutions such as Barclays, NEX Group and JP Morgan. JP Morgan onboarded more than 2,000 of its traders and salespeople to Cloud9 before its investment, making it the primary tool for voice trading for the investment bank.

“We were early investors of Cloud9 because we recognised the transformation on the horizon in voice trading,” said David Hudson, global co-head of digital and platform services at JP Morgan.  “This partnership will provide the trading community at large a seamless upgrade and path to a cloud-based infrastructure – necessary steps to create a unified communications system across channels.”