REDI integrates middle-office tools with cloud platform

REDI’s ROCC platform sees revamp which integrates middle-office tools.

REDI has announced an update to its cloud-computing (ROCC) platform, which has integrated the firm’s middle-office tools.

The update will be run out of Amazon Web Services and will allow users to run the firm’s middle-office tools through the platform.

REDI’s middle-office tools include position management, order and ticket staging, locate management and commission tools.

REDI first launched the cloud-based platform in 2009, and a recent study suggests that increasing IT costs is forcing more firms to use cloud technology.

By 2018, the capital markets sector will see widespread adoption of cloud technology, the research report said.

The updated ROCC will also be powered by PowWow – which runs REDI Mobile - allowing users access via iPads.

Chief technology officer, Mark Etherington, said the update increases the platform’s overall “flexibility and cost-effectiveness.”

With the addition of its middle-office tools, Etherington added the update will increase its appeal for users.