Schroders digital chief to lead Investment Association FinTech initiative

Graham Kellen, chief digital officer at Schroders has been appointed chair of the Investment Association’s FinTech accelerator advisory panel.

The chief digital officer at Schroders has been chosen to lead the Investment Association’s FinTech accelerator programme for the asset management industry.

Graham Kellen has been appointed chair of the advisory panel for the initiative, known as Velocity, alongside other senior buy-side digital technology specialists. Kellen will oversee the process of selecting FinTech firms for the programme and the panel is due to meet for the first time this week.

The Velocity advisory panel will provide guidance to the FinTech companies on emergent technology across front-, middle- and back-office operations as they seek new technology solutions to increase efficiency and improve client experience.  

Kellen said that the Investment Association’s Velocity FinTech accelerator is a critical step forward for the wider asset management industry in choosing the most interesting startups.

“The timing is perfect as members are now embracing the rapid technological innovation and are keen to accelerate the adoption of enhanced tools and cutting edge technologies for the creation of new products and services, moving the industry forward at the pace that reflects market dynamics and our customers’ needs,” Kellen added.

Other Velocity advisory panellists include Robert Jamieson, the digital and technology chief at Legal & General Investment Management, Peter Stephens, head of blockchain and UK group innovation at UBS Asset Management and Siobhan Clarke, COO for investment operations at M&G Investments.

The first cohort of 10 FinTech firms chosen by the panel will gain access to the Investment Association and industry expertise throughout the six month programme, as well as exposure to asset management networks and potential new clients.

“Velocity will unlock the potential of these firms to implement their solutions within our industry, which is ultimately to the benefit of savers and investors,” said Chris Cummings, chief executive of the Investment Association.   

“We have brought together for the first time a market-defining advisory panel which is truly representative of the asset management industry to ensure that we are selecting and developing the top talent.”

Schroders is seemingly taking a more hands-on approach and upped its efforts of engagement with FinTech startups. The global investment manager signed up to a specialist data and analytics network that provides methods of assessment for new technologies from startups.