TMX/Atrium/Fidessa, Weeden, TT/OSE and more…

Trading connectivity provider Atrium Network has added low-latency trading access to Canadian exchange group TMX's equity markets.
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Atrium connects to TMX; Fidessa co-locates

Trading connectivity provider Atrium Network has added low-latency trading access to Canadian exchange group TMX's equity markets.

The new link means that users can access market data and trading opportunities on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange, as well as its derivatives market Montreal Exchange.

TMX market data feeds are now available from all Atrium Network's points of presence (POP) across the Americas and Europe, including the two new POPs the firm opened in Toronto last year.

“The Canadian market is rapidly changing; with the addition of the three largest liquidity hubs in the Canadian markets, we continue to expand the range of markets and asset classes available on our platform,” said Emmanuel Carjat, CEO.

Meanwhile trading technology provider Fidessa has linked to TMX's co-location facility

to provide it with high-speed connectivity to TSX, TSX Venture and Montreal Exchange.

Fidessa’s clients will have access to Canada's equities and derivatives markets, TMX equity and derivative data feeds and network solutions, as well as TMX Information Processor Products offering consolidated data for the Canadian equity markets.

Weeden upgrades algorithm

Institutional broker Weeden & Co has joined with trading technology provider Pragma, to release a new version of its liquidity aggregation algorithm, ONEPIPE 3.0, which employs a new allocation methodology designed to allow users to more efficiently source dark and displayed liquidity, including block liquidity.

The new methodology monitors liquidity conditions and adjusts attributes such as minimum fill size to take advantage of the type of liquidity available at each venue at any given time. Pragma claims that the new version of the algo can generate up to a 20% higher fill rate than previous versions.

Lifeguard, Pragma's anti-gaming and information leakage protection logic has been developed to better protect against gaming and toxicity.

ONEPIPE 3.0 unites over 40 dark pools, crossing networks, streaming liquidity venues and open market destinations into a single liquidity source. Traders can set the product's level of urgency, choosing among five levels. ONEPIPE will then access dark liquidity, grey liquidity, dark and grey liquidity or a full set of destinations including lit venues.

TT connects to Osaka Securities Exchange

Trading Technologies International (TT) has released a new connection to Japan's Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE). Through the new gateway, TT users can trade securities-related futures and options products listed on the OSE, including Nikkei 225 futures, mini and options plus Russell Nomura Prime Index futures.

With the release of the new OSE link, TT now connects to four of Japan's top five derivatives exchanges, the others being Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Tokyo Financial Exchange and Tokyo Grain Exchange; it plans to introduce a new link to Tokyo Stock Exchange, later in 2011.

TT users also have the option to spread OSE products against contracts listed on all TT-supported exchanges. TT currently provides connectivity to approximately three-dozen exchanges in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region.

Meanwhile, order execution, charting and analytics provider CQG has also connected its hosted exchange gateways to the OSE's J-GATE derivatives platform, allowing users direct market access to the exchange.

Access via CQG provides access to the firm's suite of server-side tools, including CQG Spreader and the recently released Market Aggregation tool, for execution and management at the OSE.

NYSE Technologies to offer solutions via Interxion centre

Trading technology provider NYSE Technologies has entered a strategic partnership with data centre operator Interxion, under which it will offer a full suite of low-latency trading solutions alongside its existing co-location offering within Interxion's City of London data centre.

New NYSE Technologies services available at Interxion will include the consolidated market data service, Superfeed, as well as the Risk Management Gateway, a multi-market risk management and market access service. Both services are expected to be available in Interxion's City of London data centre in Q2 2011.

The deal builds on NYSE Technologies' use of Interxion as a provider of data centre space to house several network access points for its pan-European and Asian trading network, the Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure.

Equiduct renews Fixnetix data deal

Pan-European trading venue provider and technology firm Equiduct Systems has chosen to renew a multi-year contract for ultra-low latency data, with UK-based trading technology provider Fixnetix.

Equiduct uses the Fixnetix data to facilitate pan-European best execution for its retail clients and to create proprietary data products including a pan-European consolidated order book and volume-weighted best bid and offer.

“The reliability of the relationship between a trading platform provider and its market data vendor underpins the ability to provide a robust and orderly market,” commented Peter Randall, CEO at Equiduct Systems.

Equiduct Systems is the trading platform provider to Platforma Alternativa de Valores Espanoles, the company planning to launch a Spanish multilateral trading facility in summer 2011.