TS Imagine to offer regulated crypto trading through connection to Coinbase Prime

The move will allow institutional clients to gain improved efficiencies and to trade cryptocurrencies in a safe, regulated way.

TS Imagine has successfully connected with digital assets prime broker Coinbase Prime to provide institutional clients with a fully regulated method of trading cryptocurrencies.

Clients of TS Imagine are now able to connect to Coinbase Prime through the all-asset execution and order management system, TradeSmart, alongside gaining access to the full range of crypto-trade functionalities native to the TradeSmart platform.

Institutional clients will also gain improved efficiencies from managing trading and investment in crypto, or any other asset class, within TS Imagine’s software as a service (SaaS) platform.

“With the connection to Coinbase Prime, our institutional clients can now access this important liquidity venue and trade cryptocurrencies in a safe, regulated way,” said Andrew Morgan, president and chief revenue officer at TS Imagine.

“We aim to offer the most comprehensive list of quality destinations for our clients while establishing an institutional-grade regulated path to trading digital assets, which in light of the recent market turmoil is what professional investors are looking for.”

Brett Tejpaul, head of Coinbase Institutional, added: “We’re pleased to offer TS Imagine’s institutional clients the highest level of secure trading execution and custody with access to Coinbase Prime.”

Late last year, Coinbase Prime partnered with Marex Solutions with a view to broaden institutional digital hedging and crypto investment capabilities for both organisations. The partnership looked to expand both of the firms’ respective crypto product offerings.