Aquis launches first 24/7 regulated market-grade matching engine

New offering will not require downtime, allowing exchanges to experience continuous operation with no need for shutdown for software upgrades, infrastructure changes or capacity increases.

Aquis Technologies has launched a regulated market-grade 24/7 matching engine.

The division of Aquis Exchange claims the matching engine, named Aquis Equinox, does not require downtime at set periods to ensure required actions including sequence number resets, maintenance and software upgrades are implemented.

The new offering will allow exchanges to experience continuous operation, with no need for shutdown for software upgrades, infrastructure changes, capacity increases, reference data management or member onboarding.

“The world is looking for solutions which allow liquidity to be accessed around the clock. Until now, the blockers to this have been a variety of technical, market structure and regulatory reasons,” said Adrian Ip, managing director at Aquis Technologies, speaking exclusively to The TRADE.

“With Aquis Equinox, we remove the technical blocker and have created the ability to allow regulatory and market structure questions to be addressed at more than just a theoretical level.”

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The uninterrupted availability of Aquis Equinox is combined with high regulatory standards as well as extreme fault tolerance and proprietary engineering, ensuring that the system can handle any errors and automatically switch to a backup service (automated failover) in real time.

In addition, that offering will ensure that instances where distributed computer systems are not able to identify the primary system components without human intervention (split-brain distributed computing issues) do not occur.

“Moreover, through a shared ecosystem in which downtime is not a requirement, Aquis’ matching engine enables the economies of scale to be shared across exchange platforms, delivering significant benefits to customers,” added Ip.

“For too long, the traditional exchange technology provision industry has exported its entire business model to the world. Expensive software licenses, data centres, people and energy consumption. Stopping other industries which could benefit from regulated market grade technology. Aquis Equinox unlocks the potential of the next generation of capital markets for the world.”

Following testing, Aquis Equinox is now available as a cloud-native, hybrid or on-premise solution for customers.