What Katy Perry taught me on our vacation

Hello. Chris Hall, the managing editor of The TRADE, suggested that I introduce myself as the new US editor of the publication. I may be new to the role, but I have written for The TRADE as a freelancer since 2012 covering the US equity markets, investment banking and institutional investing.

Prior to 2012, I spent a few months shy of a decade writing and editing for a number financial-technology publications: Waters, Sell-Side Technology, Buy-Side Technology, Inside Market Data, FX Week and other sibling publications.

I’m looking forward to continuing my coverage of the US markets inside The TRADE’s pages and on its website.

I’m not quite sure what more to add without it sounding like I’m bragging. If you truly are curious about my background, you might want to check out my LinkedIn profile for further specifics.

After couple of years of being paid by the word as a freelance, I’m usually far more loquacious but I’m stumped at the moment and I blame Chris. While I’m here in New York finishing up my workweek and writing this blog entry, London-based Chris is sitting home watching the Spain-Netherlands World Cup match from the comfort of his over-stuffed chair.

Hear that? I bet that’s the condensation dripping off Chris’s lager. Drip. Drip. Drip.

I’m presuming it’s a lager. Stouts and ales just do not strike me as the proper drink when watching a soccer match. And yes, I called it “soccer” and not “football.” It’s not because I’m a diehard US football fan – far from it. I grew up rooting for the Buffalo Bills and watching them lose four consecutive Superbowls. I use the word be cause it’s a derivation of “association football.” You know, like two of letters in its governing body, FIFA. 

There’s really not much more to add. What? Oh, the Katy Perry thing. To be honest, I’ve never met her, spoke with her or even been in the same room as here. Why use that title then? Well, would have read this post is it was titled “Fat pasty-white industry hack joins ‘The TRADE’?” I rest my case.