Buy-side workflow upgraded for Thomson Reuters’ Eikon

New workflow app first in a series of buy-side dashboard improvements for Eikon trading platform.

Thomson Reuters has launched an updated buy-side workflow for trading equities via its Eikon platform.

A new Eikon App, Buy-Side optimized Workflow (BOW) will bring together multiple Eikon capabilities onto a single screen to help equities traders quickly decide how to direct their trades.

BOW will provide information as stock-specific data to enable traders to determine which broker or trading option will best suit their needs.

“Traders have to quickly decide what to do with any given order, and there’s a lot of information they need to process to make that decision,” said Phil DeFrancesco, global head of equities desktop at Thomson Reuters.

“BOW will help that decision making by providing execution history, pricing, IOIs, the most active brokers and more for each stock they need to trade.”

He added that currently the buy-side will need to jump between various different systems to access all this information, wheras BOW will provide it all in a single screen.

The new workflow underwent a soft launch six weeks ago and is being rolled out to all Eikon users today. It represents the first part of a major drive by Thomson Reuters to improve the dashboard experience for buy-side clients.