partners with TradingView to provide charting tools for better informed trading

Partnership will offer access to financial visualisation tools, drawing tools, customisable charts and a wide range of indicators to bolster trading experiences. has entered a partnership with analytical tools provider TradingView to help enable better informed trading.

The partnership will offer’s clients with access to TradingView’s financial visualisation tools, as well as enhanced drawing tools, customisable charts and a wide range of indicators to bolster their trading experience. 

“Through our partnership with TradingView, our clients will have access to the best charting tools in the market without having to navigate away from the platform,” said Dana Massey, chief product officer at

“This not only gives our clients added convenience and a seamless user experience but also helps them save precious time when they are in the middle of a trade.”

Users will benefit from access to analysis tools including Fibonacci, Gann, and Elliot analysis tools; over 30 additional indicators for the most popular trading strategies; and more than 35 drawing tools to plan trades.

Elsewhere, users will gain the ability to monitor price action across multiple markets simultaneously; a visual upgrade enabling customised colours and layouts; enhanced navigational and toolbar functionality; and the ability to save indicator templates and layouts across web and mobile.

“The latest upgrade allows clients to access the best of what our charting libraries has to offer, with the product ecosystem,” said Pierce Crosby, general manager at TradingView.

“This complements the existing trading integration we have established to bring’s trading capabilities to the TradingView ecosystem.”