Charles River adds OTAS trade analytics

OTAS’s trading analytics has been incorporated into the order and execution management system at Charles River.

Charles River Development has deployed OTAS Technologies’ equity trading analytics to its portfolio management, order and execution management system.

The addition will make OTAS’s trade analytics available as a separately licensed add-on to the Charles River investment management tool.

Lee Garf, vice president of product management at Charles River, described OTAS’s analytics as a ‘real alpha generator’.

“It gives portfolio managers and traders real-time access to the best market intelligence and improves communication throughout the front office,” he explained.

Tom Doris, CEO at OTAS, added incorporating analytics into the portfolio management and trading workflows provides actionable signals to support instant decision making.

“This provides constant insight into what’s happening with trades, which improves both transparency and productivity for buy-side firms,” he said.