Cloud9 and OpenFin partner on voice trading APIs

Partnership with OpenFin follows a recent funding round last month in Cloud9 Technologies, led by UBS.  

Trading communications specialist Cloud9 Technologies has teamed up with OpenFin to deploy the firm’s voice trading APIs for institutional traders.

The partnership will allow clients to connect to Cloud9’s voice collaboration platform, while internal applications and applications in the OpenFin ecosystem can tap into Cloud9’s voice metadata through APIs. 

“As long-time supporters of both OpenFin and Cloud9, we view this strategic partnership as critically important to developing a more unified solution for the voice trading community. We look forward to a continued partnership with companies like OpenFin and Cloud9 to drive industry standards and collaboration to advance our digital capabilities, for both our own colleagues and our clients,” said Kester Keating, head of US investments at Barclays Investment Bank.

The partnership with OpenFin follows a recent $17.5 million funding round in Cloud9, led by UBS. Cloud9 is already backed by other major institutions including Barclays and JP Morgan. In October 2016, Cloud9 also secured $30 million in funding from JP Morgan, Barclays and NEX Group, known then as ICAP.

“The profile of today’s institutional trader is evolving and what they need is anytime, anywhere access without being tied down to a single trading desk,” said Brian Hunt, chief administration officer and head of partnerships at Cloud9 Technologies. “By teaming up with OpenFin, we’re allowing individuals to easily work from the trading floor or from any remote location they choose.”

Cloud9 added that its business has surged 50% since March after onboarding several large banks and investment firms amid increased demand for remote working due to the coronavirus pandemic.