FINBOURNE’s LUSID platform selected by Baillie Gifford to improve investment data management

LUSID’s cloud-native open platform will provide one source of real-time aggregated investment data to support performance, risk and business intelligence.

FINBOURNE Technology’s investment data management platform, LUSID, has been selected by Baillie Gifford as the Investment Book of Record (IBOR) for its global investment operations.

As part of its aim to achieve a simplified cloud infrastructure, LUSID will deliver a consolidated source of real-time investment data across Baillie Gifford’s equity, fixed income and multi-asset portfolios.

According to FINBOURNE, its SaaS solution, LUSID, will provide a virtual repository, with one source of real-time aggregated investment data available across the firm.

LUSID is built on Amazon Web Services and uses open application programming interfaces (APIs).

The platform will be used by Baillie to collect and translate market, reference and investment data sets – including portfolio holdings and transactions – from several systems into one, streamlined form.

“Having traditionally developed our processes and technology in-house, LUSID will provide a cloud-native, open-source architecture, that delivers the operational efficiency and transparency we desire today, along with advanced technology, that our teams can build and scale up in the future,” said Richard McGrail, IT partner at Baillie Gifford.

By using LUSID’s IBOR, Baillie Gifford is said to be able to access and rewind its data across timelines with complete data lineage, augmenting its investment processes, and leveraging this functionality to support performance, risk and business intelligence.

“We welcome Baillie Gifford into the FINBOURNE fold, as one of a growing number of clients who accept a new standard for investment data management is required,” said Tom McHugh, CEO and co-founder of FINBOURNE Technology.

“LUSID demonstrates that it is possible to access, understand and control organisational data, across a complex system landscape, without big bang transformation. We look forward to working with Baillie Gifford and demonstrating greater value, at a faster time to market.”

Last month, LSEG partnered with FINBOURNE to boost its digital data programme across its business.

FINBOURNE’s LUSID platform was adopted by LSEG to innovate and evolve data services solutions across its wealth and investment solutions.