Flow Traders to fully integrate their exchange trading infrastructure with Copper’s ClearLoop

Copper will provide Flow Traders with custody, off-exchange, and OTC settlement services through direct integration.

Flow Traders has confirmed plans to integrate their exchange trading infrastructure with digital asset services provider Copper’s ClearLoop.

Through this partnership, Copper will power Flow Traders’ custody and trading infrastructure, specifically providing custody, off-exchange, and OTC settlement services through direct integration. 

Michael Lie

Michael Lie, global head of digital assets at Flow Traders, said: “Innovative structures like Copper’s Clearloop and the Copper Network are contributing to developing more mature crypto markets, which we believe will enhance trust across the digital asset ecosystem. Essentially, Copper’s infrastructure enables us to keep our funds secure off-exchange in a reliable structure, thereby significantly reducing counterparty risk.

“Trust is a recurring macro theme to unlocking broader adoption of both crypto and the underlying innovation in the space; therefore, we are actively leveraging and supporting structures like the one Copper has introduced to continue to improve markets.”

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ClearLoop was the first off-exchange settlement network for digital assets, and is now the largest, according to Copper. The platform is set to improve connectivity between Flow Traders and Copper’s mutual client-bases. 

Going forward, Flow Traders plans to integrate ClearLoop for all supported exchanges.   

Dmitry Tokarev, chief executive of Copper, said: “This latest integration in our Copper infrastructure will be an additional development in enhancing secure connectivity for investor access to digital assets.”