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ConvergEx RealTick

ConvergEx RealTick

Heather HalloranEmail: hhalloran@realtick.comTel: + 1 312 442 8074

RealTick is a global multi-broker, multi-asset class trading platform. RealTick’s ease of use, flexibility and fully configurable trader experience are designed to deliver intuitively integrated analysis, execution and evaluation solutions which provide the opportunity for improved trading performance and investment profitability.


RealTick currently supports FIX versions 4.0 to 5.0. RealTick provides access to the cross-asset class algorithmic suites of over 50 brokers, with more than 175 algos and over 1,000 trading strategies.

Market data

RealTick operates its own market data ticker plant and sources market data directly from exchanges, IDC or other market data vendors.

Routing and trading venues

RealTick connects to all major Asian execution venues through its cross-asset class broker network. The company also offers its own smart rule-based order routing, as well as integration with broker clients’ smart order routing technology.

Future updates

RealTick is constantly expanding its connectivity network.