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Horizon Software

Horizon Software

Horizon Software offers multiple trading solutions suited to various asset classes. These offer advanced strategies, access to FIX and execution algos aimed at market makers, all with high-performance connectivity.


Its products cover a range of assets, including
delta one, options and warrants, in over 40 markets worldwide.

Risk management

Horizon’s system is specifically designed to handle
aggregated derivatives, underlying risks and positions, including auto-hedge and
scenario simulation. It also includes standard compliance rules, and monitors
high-frequency limits and derivatives risks e.g. delta/vega.

Pre-trade services

Horizon Circuit Breaker allows algorithmic trading
to automatically stop sending orders when elements of the circuit misbehave.
There are several levels of alert, from simple warnings to complete shutdown.
Horizon Smart Order Router finds the best liquidity and prices on the market or


The firm provides all types of deployment: installation
at customer sites, fully hosted solutions, co-location at exchanges. Clients
can get various levels of support worldwide 24/7, including support on-site.

Future plans

Client-prioritised R&D has resulted in
significant and continuing improvements in performance, global connectivity and
functional user interfaces. Significant developments will be announced in Q1