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Michael RichterEmail: michael.richter@markit.comTel: +44 207 2602203

Markit provides a full range of TCA services from fund level measurement through venue analysis. Its product covers global equities and FX and accepts transaction data from order and execution management systems, back-office systems and FIX logs/drop copies. It offers toxic liquidity and front-running surveillance tools to differentiate the performance of execution venues.


Markit offers all traditional TCA benchmarks in
addition to proprietary benchmarks measuring market impact and timing costs.
Additionally, its complex event processing infrastructure and consolidated
trade and quote database for global markets allows Markit to create any bespoke
calculation from the execution level data.

Reporting & consultancy

Clients have complete control over content, layout,
and automated delivery of reports. Markit also provides a web-based UI for ad
hoc research and analysis.

Its consultancy offering consists of an experienced team
of analysts that are dedicated to exploring the changing nature of global
markets and trading technology. The analyst team tailors each analysis to the
workflow nuances of the client’s trading desk.

Pre-trade analysis

Markit has developed a proprietary pre-trade model
that forecasts market impact. Rather than relying on the historical price
volatility and momentum of the stock, this technique deals with the
non-linearity of order size and the dynamic nature of a stock’s “tick risk.”