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Tethys Technology

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The TethysEMS is a multi-asset execution management system. The platform is broker neutral and offers connectivity to brokers, crossing networks, MTFs and sponsored exchange connections. TethysEMS is offered primarily as an ASP and an installed solution is available.


Tethys supports FIX versions 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4. The firm provides access to broker algorithms on demand (equities, options, futures and FX). Additionally, TethysEMS includes a suite of algorithms for global equities, options and futures.

Tethys algorithms can also be used for cross-asset class trading. TethysEMS includes a scripting language and complex event processing engine for the development of in-house algorithms using a flexible interface.

Market data

Tethys EMS is integrated with market data providers Activ, Reuters and RealTick. The company also offers a TCA product, TotalTCA, for pre, real-time and post-trade cost analysis.

Routing and trading venues

Through its existing network Tethys offers connectivity to exchanges in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, India, Taiwan and South Korea. In addition the EMS has access to various broker and third-party dark pools.

All Tethys algorithms incorporate smart order router capabilities.

Future updates

Tethys launched a new Risk Console for sponsored access to US equities, options and futures markets in April 2011.