ICE launches consolidated data feed for cryptocurrencies

New data feed launched with blockchain technology provider Blockstream will provide prices for all major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) has launched a new consolidated data feed for cryptocurrencies covering more than 15 exchange venues globally.

In partnership with blockchain technology provider Blockstream, the feed will provide data on prices and order books for Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies.

ICE Data Services’ chief operating officer, Lynn Martin, explained the exchange operator will continue to work with Blockstream to expand the feed and bring more data to the market over time.

“With the broad array of cryptocurrencies and exchanges, and given the price variances between exchanges, it’s critical that investors have a comprehensive source of pricing information,” she said. 

The multi-asset and multi-venue cryptocurrency data feed will capture the majority of exchange trading volume measured against the US dollar and other major currency pairs.

Blockstream will work with the exchange to consolidate the data sets into a standardised source that includes real-time and historical trade information.

“Our work on the cryptocurrency data feed is providing improved cryptocurrency market data through information sharing via our open, collaborative working relationships with cryptocurrency exchanges around the world,” said Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream.