JP Morgan AM and Trovata partner to help traders manage rising interest rates

Partnership will allow mutual clients to determine their liquidity needs alongside improving access to higher yields on corporate investing.

JP Morgan Asset Management and bank-connected platform Trovata have partnered to help mutual clients utilise Morgan Money’s services to access higher yields on corporate investing amidst rising interest rates.

The Morgan Money corporate investing and trading solution will be hosted by Trovata as the first third-party app on its platform.

The partnership will allow mutual clients to determine their liquidity needs using Trovata to then utilise Morgan Money’s services to take investment actions.

Users will be able to transact across their global portfolio in real time, with the ability to compare funds across multiple managers, currencies, durations or settlement options.

Morgan Money will also provide investment balances and transaction which will flow into Trovata in real time, allowing operating and investing activities to be monitored and managed in one place.

“Now more than ever, corporate treasury investors need a fully integrated trading solution for their liquidity needs,” said Paul Przybylski, head of product strategy and Morgan Money at JP Morgan Asset Management.

“Bringing two of the newest and fastest growing experiences in corporate finance and treasury together makes for a powerful combination for our customers.”

Trovata’s platform provides users with the ability to organise bank transactions into their various cash flow types, allowing customers to build cash forecasting models essential for determining liquidity thresholds. Using this information, finance and treasury professional can invest excess cash using Morgan Money.

With the rapid rise in interest rates, businesses could potentially generate as much as 3-4% of low-risk interest income or “yield” on its idle cash from operations, claimed the two firms in a statement.

“Finance and treasury clients are seeking to automate and streamline how their work gets done each day,” said Brett Turner, founder & chief executive of Trovata.

“The tools of the job have to be newer, smarter, faster, easy to use, and easy to set up. We expect that Trovata and Morgan Money will be the go-to modern toolbox to manage cash and investments.”