Liquidnet launches targeted invitations to ‘empower’ buy-side

Liquidnet claims targeted invitations will help buy-side “seek out additional block liquidity.”

Liquidnet has announced the launch of targeted invitations in Asia and the US, following a successful initial launch in Europe late last year.

The targeted invitations are used to send invitations to qualified members within the Liquidnet community to “seek out additional block liquidity.”

Natasha Shamis, global head of product at Liquidnet, said the company has always focused on “creating block opportunities by unlocking otherwise hidden or latent liquidity.”

Liquidnet said the invitations are “firm and committed orders and are available only to members who fit the eligibility criteria, so that all participants can have confidence that their information is secure.”

Founder and chief executive officer, Seth Merrin, explained the targeted invitations eliminate “unnecessary information leakage by enabling traders to interact with eligible contras based on activity criteria of their choosing, and to partner with their portfolio managers in the alpha generation process.”

Targeted invitations are now available to 320 Liquidnet members after launching in Europe in November last year, US in March this year, and Asia in April this year.