Misys launches new version of Summit

Software provider Misys has launched version 5.2 of Misys Summit FT, its treasury and capital markets solution.
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Software provider Misys has launched version 5.2 of

Misys Summit FT, its treasury and capital markets solution. Misys says the new version is designed to help financial institutions handle the latest credit derivatives and structured products, and includes new features for both buy- and sell-side firms. The company adds that 11 of its clients are at various stages of implementing version 5.2.

“In today’s dynamic markets, banks need to handle more complex instruments faster. These enhancements across our asset class range will help our sell-side and buy-side clients in both their trading and operational environments,” says Dan Cohen, product manager for Misys Summit.

For buy-side firms such as investment managers, hedge funds and asset servicers, the solution handles the allocation of trades to client funds. Misys says it supports the full lifecycle at all levels, including actions such as partial terminations. Pre-trade records are processed in real-time allowing compliance checks and interactions with various trade execution systems. Portfolio segregation is also included to enable asset servicers and managers to handle multiple clients with a single system environment.

The new version has also made improvements in several other areas. In credit derivatives, structured credit trade types such as collateralised debt obligations and default baskets are now available as standard instruments, supported by a Markit Partners interface. There are new tools for default management and advanced market data management. There is also a new position and portfolio management solution for credit derivatives professionals handling large sets of credit entities.

In structured trading, version 5.2 allows users to build customised screens for Misys MUST products for both the front and back office. Misys says this allows users to hide the complexity of various financial instruments and improve the management of structured trades.

And in the compliance area, Misys says version 5.2 increases the transparency of trades by keeping track of intra-day historical data records for market data. The history can be disabled for real-time market data.

Misys also made improvements in the grid computing and pricing and analytics areas in the new version of Summit FT.