Mosaic Smart Data partners with ESA for new frontier of FinTech

FICC data analytics firm to adopt ESA algorithms to improve market surveillance technology.

Fixed income, currencies and commodities (FICC) analytics startup Mosaic Smart Data will adopt algorithms developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) for capital markets.

The collaboration will see the ESA give Mosaic access to two algorithm sets focusing on data models used to identify patterns and correlations used by the agency for investigating anomalies of deep space satellite missions.

As well as application for market surveillance purposes, the technology may be effective in automatically identifying and creating hedging strategy recommendations, as well as giving sales and trading teams a much better indication of the market factors impacting their performance.

“From fighting climate change to improving financial market surveillance, data analytics technology has the potential to radically reshape the way we approach challenges in many different industries,” said Matthew Hodgson, CEO of Mosaic Smart Data.

“Through this collaboration we have an incredible opportunity to apply some of the world’s most advanced data analytics models to the problems our clients face in financial markets. Not only that, but we will also be sharing the results of this project with the European Space Agency to help advance their analytics development.”

In the initial phase of the collaboration, brought about through ESA Business Applications’ zero-equity programme, Mosaic will complete a joint-funded feasibility study to explore how ESA’s machine learning technology can benefit financial market participants. If successful, the technology will be built into Mosaic’s suite of analytics models.