Plato Partnership and FMSB to partner on multi-asset research

Strategic agreement will stimulate debate on future market structure and help market participants make better informed decisions.

Plato Partnership and FICC Markets Standards Board (FMSB) will co-operate on fixed income, currencies and commodities (“FICC”) academic research.

The strategic agreement with FMSB will allow Plato’s Market Structure Academic Research programme (MI3), which was launched in September 2019, to drive its vision of becoming a multi-asset class academic research division.

The research is expected to stimulate debate around the future of market structure design and help regulators and market practitioners make better informed decisions.

Mike Bellaro, CEO of Plato Partnership, said since it launched MI3, it had worked with leading, highly regarded academics worldwide and produced strong, credible reports with the aim of creating a better marketplace and bringing together market practitioners and academics.

Myles McGuinness, CEO of FMSB, said it would greatly benefit from leveraging an established independent research network that will deliver unbiased material on topics of importance to its membership and stakeholders, and which may underpin future FMSB work. “Our two organisations share many common goals, and we hope our collaboration and sharing of best practice will ultimately benefit the wider market.”