QUODD adds bond data from S&P Global Market Intelligence to its market data platform

Focusing on mid- to back-office users will allow institutions flexibility within their organisations to maximise their market data spend, the firm said.

Market data provider QUODD has enhanced its QX digital platform by including more comprehensive bond data from S&P Global Market Intelligence.

The QX digital platform from QUODD features security look-up and query capabilities using predefined or custom templates, which claim to shorten mid- to back-office workflows down to minutes. 

According to the firm, the digital experience provides the same security pricing, reference data, and analytics across all asset classes that QUODD’s end of day service provides.

S&P Global Market Intelligence provides the QX digital platform independent pricing and liquidity data for bonds to support back-office processing.

S&P Global Market Intelligence’s fixed income evaluation analysts aggregate transaction data to generate pricing content, ranging across nearly three million corporate and sovereign bonds, municipal bonds, and securitised products.

“With S&P Global Market Intelligence’s bond data on QUODD’S QX digital platform, we are empowering institutional customers to harness data on demand, setting a new standard for agility and client-centric products,” said Bob Ward, chief executive of QUODD.

“Our focus on the mid- to back-office user allows institutions flexibility within their organisation to maximise their market data spend by providing user specific information to more of their employees at a fraction of their current spend without sacrificing quality and improving workflow.” 

S&P Global Market Intelligence’s bond pricing and reference data, as well as the global equities and funds via QUODD, is now integrated within the QX digital platform.

The integration will provide a display experience alongside a connection to downstream wealth management users for the integration of daily pricing, reference data, corporate actions, among others.

The data usage entitlements for each tailored workflow are automated by the platform, helping institutions optimise their market data consumption.
“Offering our bond data along with QUODD’s equity data sets [means] we can deliver an integrated experience and tooling requirements across key asset classes that minimises switching costs and improves workflow efficiencies,” said Tasha Gonska, head of pricing valuations and reference data at S&P Global Market Intelligence.