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The EMS Workstation is a broker-neutral, internet-deployed, low-latency trading workstation that supports equities and listed derivatives across global markets.
Among other features, the system allows users to execute block orders and programs across multiple destinations and monitor fills and average prices in real time. It also features position management, indications of interest and support for pairs trading.
EMS Workstation offers some order management capability, allowing traders to take larger blocks of stock and break them down for trading in the market over a period of time. If, however, the institution has an incumbent OMS then EMS Workstation can integrate with this using FIX or the desktop .Net application programming interface.
FIX versions 4.0, 4.2 and 4.4 are supported. Fidessa has a FIXatdl converter which converts the FIXatdl language into Fidessa XML.
Buy-side firms only pay for the implementation of the screen on site and the market data they require. Fidessa has a flexible pricing model that enables companies to pay only for the data they use from the source of their choice. Brokers pay for a connection to the client.

Asia-specific features

Everything is controlled and built centrally into the EMS and all clients are on the same version globally. Each client can independently control the variations for the markets they are trading.

The Fidessa regional support teams are effective from 07.00 to 19.00 in each region. The help desk and service personnel in the firm’s Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore offices are local people who speak English and the local language.

Connectivity and access

The EMS provides access to 530 broker destinations across 134 markets worldwide, (including 25 exchanges in the Asian region). Fifty-six global broker algo suites have been integrated.

All clients are application service provider/fully hosted. Access is provided via internet, virtual private network or leased line.

Algorithm support

New destinations and algorithms are continually added centrally. All changes are immediate for users.

Transaction cost analysis

Access is provided to multiple brokers’ analytics platforms. There are also specialised columns within the trading blotter, including percentage of average daily volume, limit proximity, realised/unrealised profit and loss, reversion statistics and performance against multiple benchmarks in real time.

Planned updates

Fidessa is increasing the analytics within the product, providing bespoke broker dialogs for multi-instrument algos and enhancing the fast trading functionality.