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Automated, customisable trading strategies include
VWAP, percentage volume, time slice, cross currency multi-asset spread and
pairs trading, risk arbitrage, basket trading and inline.


FlexTrade also has certified over 250 equity broker algos
for the Americas, EMEA, and Asia.

Key functionality

Each FlexTrade algo may be configured to a trader’s
preferences for aggressiveness and expediency, or placed into a larger
strategy, such as dollar neutral/sector neutral, to manage portfolio
characteristics, risk or cash restraints.



FlexTrade provides the user with customisation
services for all algorithms to meet individual requirements and provides
portfolio analytics that direct strategies based on historical and real-time
information, such as volume profiles, volatility, spread liquidity and market
condition. Comprehensive post-trade analysis is also available and customer
support is available on 5 1/2 x 24 hour basis.



Clients can access equity algorithms via the
FlexTRADER execution management system.



FlexTrade routes to more than 100 trading
destinations including more than 50 exchanges globally, as well as electronic
communication networks and global broker-dealers and more than 20 dark pools.