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Patsystems Global Trading OMS offers high frequency, low latency trading on over 60 derivatives exchanges. It offers 24/6 availability, allowing order books to be traded and managed around the globe with no downtime. The OMS supports a wide variety of complex order types both locally at exchanges and synthetically within the OMS.

FIX and proprietary API interfaces are offered for connectivity into the OMS. Both interfaces offer clients the ability to trade all markets offered by Patsystems, complex futures and options strategy trading and provision of market data.


Patsystems supports FIX 4.2 and FIX 4.4. Patsystems offers a flexible FIX adapter that can connect into a client’s algo container with only a small amount of configuration required. The adapter is not restricted as to which algorithms it can support.

Patsystems Pro-Mark offers synthetic order types such as time-sliced, OCO and “with a tick” orders. Pro-Mark also offers Excel integration, allowing customers to create algorithms and/or strategies in Microsoft Excel.

Market data

The majority of the firm’s customer base use Patsystems’ exchange gateway software for market data. However, Patsystems also offers support for Reuters’ market data feed.

Routing and trading venues

Patsystems connects to the following derivatives markets in Asia: Australian Securities Exchange; Bursa Malaysia; Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing; Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange; Indonesian Commodity and Derivatives Exchange; Korea Exchange; Osaka Securities Exchange; Singapore Commodity Exchange; Singapore Exchange – Derivatives Trading Division; Singapore Mercantile Exchange; Sydney Futures Exchange (now ASX); Taiwan Futures Exchange; Tokyo Commodities Exchange; Tokyo Financial Exchange; Tokyo Grain Exchange; Tokyo Stock Exchange; and the Vietnam Commodity Exchange.

The firm’s professional trading front-end, Pro-Mark, offers smart routing capabilities via a tool called “Best Execution.”

Future updates

Patsystems has just completed an extensive improvement on the FIXHUB application that interfaces to its Global Trading platform.