Ideal partners with Barracuda FX to provide access to analytics and actionable insights

Solutions offered by Ideal will help Barracuda FX clients optimise their trading performance.

Decision intelligence firm Ideal is now offering its performance and supervisory risk management solutions to clients trading within ION-owned Barracuda FX’s secure environment.

Ideal’s partnership with Barracuda FX provides clients with turnkey access to analytics and actionable insights. Ideal claims that its Ideal Flow solution brings an unprecedented level of insight to FX trading.

The solution offers independent TCA reporting, client and counterpart analysis, liquidity management and more in one unified interface. Alongside best execution reporting, Ideal Flow provides visualisations and analysis of counterparty behavior, given over time as well as by the millisecond, which in turn flags potential issues to investigate and informs client tiering and flow decisions.

Ideal’s other solution, Ideal Control, helps encourage more ethical trading behavior by making trade supervision for first-line risk management teams more efficient.

Ideal Control also provides independent validation and evidence of ethical decision-making, helping reduce operational, reputation and regulatory risks, which is particularly important for senior managers complying with SMCR.

Ideal said that this solution operationalises trading best practices and principles-based regulation as quantifiable checks, curated alerts, and clear action steps—automating workflows and building a defensible audit trail over time.

“Ideal Flow and Ideal Control analyse the same pool of FX trading data through two different lenses, illuminating how traders can optimise their performance and helping supervisory risk managers adhere to the FX Global Code and MiFID MAR code of conduct principles. We’re excited to bring these decision intelligence solutions to Barracuda FX clients,” said John Crouch, chief executive of Ideal.

The combination of Barracuda FX and Ideal’s capabilities aim to help firms trading in FX to optimise their performance.

“Barracuda FX has a long history of offering market-leading products across the front office for banks, brokers, and other financial institutions trading in FX. Our flagship OMS and solutions for trading, execution, pricing, and distribution provide our clients with modular, end-to-end solutions for their FX trading needs,” said Joshua Walsky, chief technology officer at Barracuda FX.

“We are pleased to offer the complementary capabilities of Ideal solutions within our secure environment. Barracuda FX clients can get up and running with Ideal Flow and Ideal Control almost instantly.”