The TRADE Crypto Roundtable: Episode 1 – The digital asset dilemma

Watch the first video instalment: in which we introduce our panellists, explore the background of 2022, and identify the key questions that need to be answered.

In December, The TRADE brought key stakeholders together for an in-depth discussion of the barriers to institutional involvement in digital assets.

In the first of five video episodes, managing editor Laurie McAughtry introduces the panelists and identifies the key issues for discussion, with insights into the current landscape, data and volumes as well as a conversation around what digital assets really mean. 

Key themes:
 – Data
 – Volumes
 – Correlation with conventional asset classes
 – What do we really mean by ‘digital assets’? 

“Even though we might be in what people think of as a bear market, in 2022 volumes overall are still three times higher than they were in 2020.” – Clara Medalie, Kaiko.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the next instalment in the series.