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The ultimate companion for TradeTech 2019

Welcome back to Paris for TradeTech 2019 and to this year’s edition of the TRADETech Daily, produced by The TRADE. Like you, our editorial team will be on the ground over the next two days, coffee in (probably both) hands during this week, reporting from panel discussions. You’ll be able to find these write-ups online shortly after each session ends and within our wrap-up edition to be published shortly after the event.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

After going through registration and pulling out this very publication, flicking through the pages and making a mental note of which of the articles you’ll read once you get a minute to yourself, it’s time for coffee and some of those tiny pastries that are generously scattered about the exhibition hall. Unless you’ve arrived too late and some maverick renegades have scarfed them all.

Now that you’re properly fuelled up for the morning, you’ve got a few minutes before the main event begins, so why not catch up with the latest news (starting overleaf ) before heading down the hall to the morning’s welcome address and following sessions – some of which we’ve highlighted on page 30 as must-attends.

During the lunch break you may find yourself experiencing a lull in conversation with your colleagues or some possible new business partners, why not turn the dialogue to some of the features you’ve read in this year’s Daily?

Artificial intelligence (AI) will be a consistent topic running throughout the event and there is a serious case to be made that these types of technology could be an ace up the sleeve for buy-side firms that are open to embracing AI and machine learning (see page 20). You, and probably everyone else around you, will have bumped up
against problems concerning aging technology infrastructures at some stage. On page 22, we detail how firms that are taking a pro-active approach to this challenge – through the opportunities presented by the availability of new tech and the changing regulatory landscape – can potentially reach tech infrastructure enlightenment.

And then there are interviews with buy-side conference participants Cathy Gibson and Allison Hollingshead to dive into as well. So, plenty to chew over there as you consider which of the freebies spread across
the exhibition hall stands you need to pick up before the end of the day.

Make sure to keep your copy of the Daily on hand for tomorrow as well, as you really can’t be without a full agenda (see page 26). Truly, the Daily is your ultimate companion for this year’s TradeTech conference. That, and coffee.

John Brazier

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The TRADETech Daily 2019 – Wrap-up edition
FILS in Philly Today 2019
FILS in Philly Today 2019 – Wrap-up edition