BlackRock expands Aladdin bonds trading capabilities with Tradeweb integration

The first phase of the partnership will give clients access to real-time prices via Tradeweb’s AiPrice service for 25,000 corporate bonds on the Aladdin platform.

BlackRock has entered a multi-year partnership with Tradeweb to integrate its credit trading solutions with its flagship order and execution management system (OEMS), Aladdin.

The partnership is intended to deliver a “unique trading experience” between BlackRock and Tradeweb, focused on corporate, municipal, and emerging markets bonds.

Over the course of a number of years the roadmap will deliver innovations provided by Tradeweb to Aladdin users, beginning with Tradeweb’s AiPrice. In the first phase of the project, Aladdin users will gain access to real-time prices for around 25,000 corporate bonds using the service.

“Credit markets have grown increasingly electronic in recent years, but significant opportunities still exist to accelerate this trend through expanding pools of liquidity and developing sophisticated analytics tools and execution workflows. We’re excited to partner with Tradeweb, which has made meaningful strides in this space,” said BlackRock’s managing director and general manager within the Aladdin Business, Kamya Somasundaram, in a statement.

In a statement, the two organisations stated the partnership is mutually beneficially to both firms and will also extensively grow Tradeweb’s network and connectivity through the Aladdin platform.

“The Aladdin platform provides extensive multi-asset OEMS capabilities, and this integration will provide its users with more efficient access to our suite of protocols,” said Chris Bruner, Tradeweb’s chief product officer, in a statement.

“By tapping Tradeweb’s institutional, wholesale and retail liquidity, plus connecting related markets such as Treasuries and ETFs, Aladdin users will reap the benefits of this breadth of liquidity, more choice and an arsenal of innovative trading protocols and products.”