StreamBase integrates Interactive Data's PlusFeed

StreamBase Systems, a complex event processing (CEP) software provider, is to include low-latency data in its systems from Interactive Data's real-time services business.
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StreamBase Systems, a complex event processing (CEP) software provider, is to include low latency data in its systems from Interactive Data’s real-time services business.

StreamBase’s market data management, smart order routing and real-time profit and loss frameworks allow customers to access market data delivered by PlusFeed, Interactive Data’s consolidated low-latency digital datafeed that powers algorithmic and electronic trading applications. PlusFeed delivers low-latency data on over six million securities from more than 450 sources around the world.

Interactive Data and StreamBase have created a series of extensions that allow customers to connect to content delivered by PlusFeed. The resulting solution supplies real-time market data, time-sensitive pricing and reference data for millions of financial instruments across multiple asset classes worldwide, allowing simple and effective development of market data management applications.

Jay Kilberg, managing director, Interactive Data real-time services, said: “Our relationship with StreamBase facilitates the delivery of our low latency data to a wider range of customers such as sell-side firms and hedge funds.”

“Extending our CEP platform and capital markets frameworks to include PlusFeed can provide financial services institutions the ability to get to market with low latency execution and routing systems more quickly than before, because we’re the only CEP platform with a full visual debugging, testing and profiling environment,” said Mark Palmer, CEO, StreamBase.